About us


Our History

It’s no coincidence that Spectra Analytics began at a University. In 2010, PhD students Marcus and Dan met at the University of Warwick. This was an important and formative time. They were surrounded by great minds that were pushing the boundaries of mathematics, statistical modelling, and machine learning, and Deep Learning was just starting to show real-world promise. Knowing first-hand the benefits of AI and seeing the potential for businesses, Marcus and Dan recognised that there was a large gap between the traditional consultancies and the businesses who could really benefit the most from this type of expertise and practice.   

They knew a solution would be to create a business that could put their experience into practice in the wider world, utilising AI-as-a-Service to allow people to harness and scale to their benefit.

That vision was Spectra Analytics – aptly named for the opportunity of Artificial Intelligence to be used across a full spectrum of industries, bringing the innovative thinking from the world of Academia to ambitious and modern businesses. 

Our aim is to enable everyone to realise the benefits of AI in the UK and beyond. We are making great strides on this goal with our healthcare product, PATCHS, which supports NHS patients across the UK. We’ve also developed tools for UNICEF that are used across Africa and India, as well as a decision support system for cardiac treatment that is currently starting European clinical trials.

As befits our academic heritage, we have a commitment to scientific excellence – all of our Data Scientists hold PhDs in Mathematical disciplines. We also maintain and foster close links with leading research institutions, and continue to support the training of the next generation of Data Scientists.

What makes us different?

There are many reasons to choose Spectra as your AI partner

Track record of large, intricate projects

Since our founding in 2014, we have worked with some of the world’s largest organisations – including the NHS and UNICEF.

Scientific excellence across the full team

All of our Data Scientists are experienced PhDs, who are skilled at solving new and challenging problems.

Built to be fast and cost-effective

Our Big Data AI platform allows us to rapidly develop and maintain AI solutions at scale.

Scientific Excellence

Faster and Cheaper

Marcus Ong

Marcus Ong PhD FIMA

Chief Executive Officer

Marcus is the CEO and Co-Founder of Spectra. Passionate about using AI to transform businesses and society, Marcus founded Spectra to help enable and promote the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. As an experienced data scientist, he’s worked in both academic and professional settings, and is a Fellow of the IMA.

Marcus is an external academic supervisor at the University of Warwick and a Fellow at the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. He was previously a Derivatives Trader for Citigroup, as well as an NCA Special for the National Crime Agency, where he advised on the applications of Machine Learning and Data Analytics.

Marcus holds a PhD in Complexity Science with Finance and an MSc in Complexity Science from the University of Warwick, a BSc in Physics from the University of Durham, and a Charters in both Mathematics and Science from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.

Youssef Taleb PhD

Youssef Taleb PhD

Senior Data Scientist

Youssef is an experienced Data Scientist and full-stack developer. He has developed AI-powered products for a diverse range of industries from defence to healthcare and marketing. He is passionate about finding creative ways to solve problems and using cutting-edge models and technologies.

Youssef holds a PhD and MSc in Statistics from Imperial College London, and an MEng in Telecommunications from Telecom SudParis, Institut Mines-Telecom.

Chris Crowther SIRA

Chris Crowther SIRA

Chief Information Officer

Chris is the CIO of Spectra overseeing information assurance and security. He has over 25 years experience and is CESG Certified as a Professional Lead Security and Information Risk Advisor (SIRA)

Chris’s experience includes senior roles within the UK military and other Government departments, the US Military and Federal Government, the United Nations, KPMG and Airbus.

Christelle Nagabe

Christelle Nagabe

Junior DevOps Engineer

Christelle is a Junior DevOps Engineer. Her main focus is managing, supporting, and developing CI/CD pipelines and Infrastructure-As-Code in order to ensure Spectra’s products are efficiently automated and robust.

Sean Conner

Shareholder Representative

Sean is an experienced financial professional, who has worked in the capital markets for over 30 years. He represents and looks after the interests of shareholders on the Board.

Robert Brady PhD

Robert Brady PhD

Non-Executive Director

Robert is advises Spectra on Business Development. He has extensive business experience having previously listed his company, Brady PLC the largest European supplier of software for global commodity trading, on the London Stock Exchange.

Robert is the Treasurer of the Cambridge Angels and was previously an Honorary Fellow of the Cambridge Judge Business School, and an Industrial Fellow at the University of Cambridge’s Computer Laboratory.

Rob Eyre PhD

Rob Eyre PhD

Senior Data Scientist

Rob is an experienced Data Scientist and full-stack developer. He focuses on the development of AI solutions and the products that utilize them.

Rob holds a PhD and MSc in Complexity Science from the University of Warwick, and an MSci in Theoretical Physics from University College London.

Prof. Robert MacKay

Prof Robert MacKay FRS FIMA FInstP


Robert is the Director of Mathematical Interdisciplinary Research at Warwick and its Centre for Complexity Science, which includes its doctoral training centre. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) Renowned Fellow of the Engineering and Physical Research Council “Recognising Influential Scientists and Engineers” scheme.

Robert’s principal research interests are in the statistical behaviour of complex dynamical systems, and he aims to shed light on the concepts of emergence, tipping points, and nudges. He is currently involved in research projects on Management of Complex Systems, Energy Storage, Behavioural Science, and Internet Science.

Prof Robin Ball

Prof Robin Ball FInstP


Robin is an Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Warwick, after previously being the Head of Physics. His principal research interests include statistical physics with an emphasis on self-organising systems. Examples of this are fractal aggregates, polymer microstructures, protein folding, dynamics of fracture and granular, and colloidal materials.

Matt Fleming

Matt Fleming

Data Engineer

Matt is a Data Engineer specialising in building robust, scalable, and cloud-based data pipelines for machine learning applications.

Joe Withers

Joe Withers

Data Engineer

Joe is a Data Engineer at Spectra. He develops scalable data pipelines and is interested in working to improve data reliability, efficiency, and quality.

Gwynneth Derere

Gwynneth Derere

Product Manager & Employee Representative

Gwynneth is the Product Manager and Head of Training for PATCHS. With over 10 years of experience, Gwynneth is an accomplished clinical systems product specialist. She has expertise across requirements management, implementation, and software training. Previously, Gwynneth worked across a wide range of care settings with health professionals, delivering and supporting market leading software.

Dr Ben Brown, MBChB

Dr Ben Brown PhD

Chief Medical Officer

Ben is the Chief Medical Officer of Spectra Analytics, as well as a practicing GP and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester.

Ben is an expert is developing advanced analytical clinical software. His work has been published in over 40 peer-reviewed scientific papers, and he has won awards from the International Medical Informatics Association, British Computer Society, and Royal College of General Practitioners.

In addition to his medical training, he has qualifications in Health Informatics (PhD), Public Health (MPH), and Leadership (MSc).

Charlotte Watson PhD

Charlotte Watson PhD

Data Scientist

Charlotte focuses on developing custom AI solutions, and has a keen interest in improving AI transparency and usability.

Brendan Spillane PhD

Brendan Spillane PhD


Brendan is a representaive for Warwick Ventures. He focusses on busines development and building sales pipleines for startups.


Dan Sprague PhD

Chief Technology & Science Officer

Dan co-founded Spectra Analytics with Marcus in 2014, and has led as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Science Officer since its founding. Dan leads the Data Science and Data Engineering teams at Spectra, overseeing the Artificial Intelligence, software development, and technology infrastructure.

Dan is also an external academic supervisor at the University of Warwick, and was previously a consultant for USAid.

Dan holds a PhD and MSc in Complexity Science from the University of Warwick and a Physics (MPhys) from the University of Oxford.