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Our People


Spectra Analytics boasts a wealth of experience in both business and academia. Marrying this experience and knowledge, Spectra are able to offer powerful insights through the application of data analytics.

Our Team

Marcus Alexander Ong

Dr Marcus Alexander Ong, CSci CMath MIMA - CEO

Marcus is the CEO and founder of Spectra. Prior to this he worked as a derivatives trader for Citigroup. He focussed on market making European Equity Derivatives – vanilla and structured – before developing the light exotics trading business. Later he focussed on multi-asset proprietary trading.

Marcus holds a PhD in Complexity Science with Finance and an MSc in Complexity Science (University of Warwick), a BSc in Physics (University of Durham) and Charters in both Mathematics and Science (IMA).

His main research interests include Finance, Behavioural Economics, Statistical Modelling and Machine Learning. Currently he is investigating systemic risk in the financial sector, the effect of financial regulations on banks and how to develop new stress testing methodologies.

Dan Sprague

Dr Daniel Sprague - CSO

Dan is the Chief Science Officer for Spectra and manages the data science team. Prior to founding Spectra, Dan spent two years working as a consultant for USAID. His responsibilities included analysing and predicting health behaviours in Uganda and training local Ugandan teams in the theoretical and practical approaches to statistical analysis.

Dan holds a PhD in Complexity Science at the University of Warwick where he also obtained an MSc in Complexity Science. Previously he read Physics (MPhys) at the University of Oxford.

His main research interests include Applied Statistics, Epidemiology and Healthcare, and Computational Social Science.

Steve Williams

Steve Williams - Head of Business Development

Steve is in responsible for developing Spectra's business and guiding strategy. He was previously Global COO for Equities Electronic Markets for Citigroup. He is a a leader in the business, trading, technology and quantitative strategies used in the electronic trading arena. He has over 30 years experience in the fiancial markets having traded all asset classes across Europe, Asia and the USA. He has also led the architectural, functional and performance designs for the trading systems including the pricing, risk and trading models in these securities. He has extensive and expert knowledge of electronic trading, market microstructure and quant/stat trading strategies.

Amruta Kulkarni

Amruta Kulkarni - Senior Systems Developer

Amruta is responsible for managing and developing Spectra's systems. She is an experienced systems developer having worked at both the enterprise level and for medium sized organisations. She has spent more than 3 years at both Tata Consultancy Services and eGain Communications .

Amruta has experience in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle with a focus on development and troubleshooting. She is also used to working closely with product engineering and analytics groups.

Rob Eyre

Rob Eyre - Associate Data Scientist

Rob is an Associate Data Scientist at Spectra, part of the data science team responsible for analysing data and building models to address different data needs.

Rob is currently completing a PhD in Complexity Science at the University of Warwick on applying complex statistical models to socio-economic variables in public health. He also holds an MSc in Complexity Science from the University of Warwick and an MSci in Theoretical Physics from University College London.

His main research interests include Applied Statistical Modelling and Machine Learning in Health Sciences and Social Science.

Sean Connor

Sean Connor - Director

Sean has been working in the Financial Services Industry since 1987, originally with Barclays de Zoete Wedd, the Investment Banking arm of Barclays Bank. In 1998 he co-founded XBZ Limited with Joe Phillips.

XBZ is a successful agency broker providing sales and execution in the fields of cash equities, index and single stock derivatives on a UK and pan European basis. The client base ranges from Investment Banks to traditional long only funds and hedge funds

Joe Phillips

Joe Phillips - Director

Joe has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry working as a derivatives broker for Barclays De Zoete Wedd (BZW), the Investment Banking arm of Barclays Bank, Natwest Markets and JPT futures. In 1998 he set up XBZ Ltd with his business partner Sean Connor.

XBZ is a successful agency broker providing sales and execution in the fields of cash equities, index and single stock derivatives on a UK and pan European basis. The client base ranges from Investment Banks to traditional long only funds and hedge funds.

Jeremy Sanders

Jeremy Sanders - Director

Jeremy is the co-founder of Corsham Institute and has spent the past 25 years developing entrepreneurial businesses. He has extensive commercial and executive experience in growth markets with start-ups, business development, strategy and risk and cultural change.

Jeremy has a keen interest in connecting commercial and social capacities into the current digital revolution. He holds a number of active executive roles including Chief Strategy Officer at UK Cloud. He is also a director of Hadston Limited, a developer of innovative digital communities and infrastructure.


Robert MacKay

Prof. Robert MacKay, FRS FInstP FIMA

Robert is Director of Mathematical Interdisciplinary Research at Warwick and its Centre for Complexity Science, including its doctoral training centre. He was recently named as a Renowned Fellow of the Engineering and Physical Research Council “Recognising Influential Scientists and Engineers” scheme.

His principal research interests are in the statistical behaviour of complex dynamical systems, seeking to shed light on the concepts of emergence, tipping points and nudges. He is currently investigator in research projects on Management of complex systems, Energy storage, Behavioural Science and Internet Science.

Robin Ball

Prof. Robin Ball, FInstP

Robin is the Head of the Physics Department and Chair of the Complexity Complex at the University of Warwick.

His principal research interests are in statistical physics with an emphasis on self-organising systems. Examples include fractal aggregates, polymer microstructures and protein folding, dynamics of fracture and granular and colloidal materials.

Jeffery Thomas

Jeffrey Thomas

Jeffrey is a seasoned entrepreneur with strong financial, marketing and leadership skills. With a career spanning 30 years Jeffrey has deep experience across Digital Infrastructure, Information Technology, Real Estate, Entertainment and Logistics in the UK, USA and Europe.

Jeffrey is the co-founder of the Corsham Institute – a beyond profit organisation driving innovation and adoption of new modes of living through a better understanding of our digital society.

Brendan Spillane

Dr Brendan Spillane

Brendan is the representative for Warwick Ventures. He focusses on business development, building substantial sales pipelines for a number of start-up companies. He is experienced in software sales and marketing, working for a range of blue chip companies. He also holds a PhD from Cardiff Universitywhere his research focussed on DNA fingerprinting